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What You Need To Know About Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery

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What You Need To Know About Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery: Gotham Footcare: Podiatrists

What you need to know about Flat Foot Reconstructive Surgery

Flat Foot Surgery is a condition that stems from childhood with overpronation. During the development stage, the tissues and ligaments in your feet tighten together to form an arch that supports the even distribution of your weight along your feet. People that do not experience this tightening will not develop the arch. This may be due to genetics, poor-fitting shoes, and particular physical activities. With age, these ligaments may loosen and cause flat feet. Conditions that can also cause flat feet include arthritis, injury, and other limb deformities.

Do flat feet get worse over time?

Dr. Sooji Kim, a board-certified Flat Foot Specialist at Gotham Footcare in New York City states that "ignoring symptoms associated with flat feet such as; pain while walking/standing, ankle swelling, and numbness/tingling sensation in the foot or inside of the ankle can lead to arthritis as the foot loses flexibility and becomes stiffer over time, therefore early prevention is advisable".

Can anything be done for flat feet?

Prior to surgery, Dr. Sooji recommends that conservative methods should be exhausted. Physical therapy can show relief of pain if flat feet are a result of overuse, injuries, and early stages of flat foot conditions. Custom fitted orthotics and braces can also be prescribed by Dr. Kim and can relieve pain caused by flat feet.

However, the conservative treatments may not change the deformity but only help to reduce the symptoms associated with flat feet.

Do I need flat foot surgery?

Not every person that has flat feet requires surgery. However, if you have flat feet and have pain while you are standing or walking which impacting your normal daily living activities, you may consider surgical management. Symptoms that are typical of a person with flat feet may be experiencing the following:

  • Pain while walking or standing especially on the inner ankle and foot
  • Ankle swelling
  • Feeling numbness or tingling sensation caused by damage nerves in the foot or inside of the ankle
  • Radiating pain to knee, hip, and lower back

Is there surgery to correct flat feet? What does flat foot surgery involve?

Flat feet reconstruction surgery is a combination of surgical procedures that repairs the foot's ligaments and tendons as well as other deformities in the bones to restore, support, and build the arch. Depending on the original cause of the condition there are several types of surgery that can be performed to correct the foot's alignment, ensure even weight distribution and lessen the pain. These types of surgeries can include tendon transfers, osteotomies, fusions, and/or minimally invasive procedures depends on the severity of the flat foot conditions. Flat foot reconstruction surgery at Gotham Footcare is performed in an outpatient onsite facility.

Is flat foot surgery painful?

During the flat foot surgery, you will be under IV Sedation with regional block for postoperative pain control and monitored by an anesthesiologist entire procedure. After the procedure, your foot will be numb due to a regional block and you may be given oral pain medication to take as needed.

How much does flat foot surgery cost?

Since flat foot reconstruction surgery is not a cosmetic procedure, any major insurance plan should cover it after any co-pays and deductibles are met. Our surgical coordinator can run your benefits prior to your surgery to give you specific details.

How long does it take to recover from flat foot surgery?

Recovery time depends on the surgical procedure chosen by Dr. Sooji Kim and your overall health. This time spectrum can be as early as walking into a pair of shoes by 2-3 weeks to being in a cast/surgical shoe for 6-8 weeks post-surgery. During that time period, visits to your surgeon will be necessary to change the dressing and evaluate the progress.

Can I walk after flat foot surgery?

Flat foot reconstruction surgery is a same-day outpatient procedure. You will be able to go home within a couple of hours after surgery. Your foot will be protected in a cast/surgical shoe and you will be shown how to walk with the support of crutches/knee walker.

What are the advantages of having flat foot reconstruction surgery?

There are several advantages of undergoing flat foot surgery. Reconstructive flat foot surgery restores mobility and improves physical and mental health. The surgery provides a permanent solution to the condition of flat feet. Flat foot surgery does not require ongoing tratement after the surgery has completely heeled. The surgery has a high success rate and is considered relatively low risk.

For more information, please contact our surgical coordinator at Gotham Footcare and schedule a consultation with our Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery Specialist, Dr. Sooji Kim.
Author: Dr. Sooji Kim
What You Need To Know About Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery: Gotham Footcare: Podiatrists Dr. Sooji Kim Dr. Sooji Kim is a skilled foot and ankle surgeon at Gotham Footcare.

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