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When To Seek A Second Opinion At Gotham Footcare New York City

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what is best for you

Our team of doctors at Gotham Footcare want what is best for you and your family, and we want to be your source for a second opinion. If you or a family member needs surgery, it can be a time of concern and anxiety before committing to having surgery. We have doctors and specialists available to meet with you.

Is it Necessary to Get A Second Opinion?

Seeking additional medical advice is a smart decision and personally reassuring. Research indicates that nearly 90% of patients often have their treatment plan and their diagnosis changed or revised after consulting with another doctor. Here at Gotham Footcare in New York, we give many second opinions to other patients. Even if you are comfortable with your doctor, major foot or ankle surgery is significant. We recommend seeking a second opinion before committing to your treatment plan.

Additional Reading

The following are circumstances that may warrant a second opinion:

  • You have numerous possible treatment options.
  • Major surgery is part of your current treatment plan.
  • Your diagnosis is considered severe or life-threatening.
  • You have unanswered questions and are not satisfied with the treatment plan.
  • You were given information from a doctor that there isn’t anything that can be done for you.

It is crucial for you to understand, it is okay to take the opportunity to seek another podiatrist's second opinion so you can feel confident in your decision and your doctor’s decision about your treatment plan.

Podiatry Second Opinion NYC

What Will The Second Opinion Reveal?

During your second opinion, our specialists may have a different approach and recommend a less-invasive solution or have another idea for your treatment plan.

A second opinion lets you and your current doctor view your treatment and diagnosis with a fresh perspective and be open to other surgical alternatives. Other reasons to get a second opinion include:

  • Having your questions answered
  • Understanding your condition better
  • Make a better-informed decision about your treatment plan
  • Help you understand the risks and benefits of your current treatment options

Even if your second opinion reveals no changes to your diagnosis or treatment plan, at the very least, it removes any doubts you may have to decide on your surgical option.

Second Opinion Podiatry New York

How do I Find Another Doctor?

It is very common for your current doctor to give you a referral for a second opinion when asked. Second opinions are quite common; your doctor won’t be surprised or shocked if you ask for a referral. If you want to find a doctor on your own, you may want to start with your insurance provider to give you a list of specialists within your coverage plan.

Is There a Cost For Getting A Second Opinion?

It is best to check with your insurance provider to verify if there is a charge to see another specialist for a second opinion. The cost will vary depending on the specialist and if the doctor needs to run any tests, but many insurance providers cover these costs provided you are within your network.

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Podiatrist Second Opinion New York

You Can Trust Your Feet Are in Good Hands

We want you to be comfortable with our doctors and specialists. We will be happy to provide you with a second opinion referral. Call our Gotham Footcare New York office today for your second opinion referral.

Second Opinion FAQs

Will my doctor be upset if I ask for a second opinion?

Doctors and specialists understand that second opinions are sometimes part of the patient’s process. If you feel nervous or awkward about asking your doctor for a second opinion, consider asking:

“I need to feel comfortable with my treatment plan and would like to talk to another expert. Do you recommend any specialist who is familiar with my diagnosis?

Isn’t it expensive to get a second opinion?

Many health insurance providers cover the cost of a second or even third opinion for medically necessary surgeries. Insurance providers find a benefit in their patients seeking a second opinion, especially when a less invasive approach is available, or one that allows you to have an outpatient procedure, thereby cutting the cost of your hospital stay.

How long does it take to schedule a second opinion?

Check with your healthcare provider. Often staying in your same network will streamline the process of collecting medical records, test image results, and other information needed for another doctor to give you a thorough second opinion.

If my health condition isn't life-threatening, should I even bother with a second opinion?

Whether your condition is life-threatening or not, it’s essential you feel comfortable with your diagnosis and treatment plan. If for no other reason, get a second opinion for your peace of mind.

At Gotham Footcare in NYC, we strive at recognizing your individual needs and desired outcomes while formulating an effective and personalized treatment plan with the highest quality care available.

What sets Gotham Footcare apart from other podiatry offices is our dedication to providing you with the education you need to make well-informed decisions regarding your care. Regardless of what your foot and ankle trouble may be, at Gotham Footcare our team will work tirelessly to help you feel better. At Gotham Footcare, we help you put your best foot forward.