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Dr. Jared Einhorn Physical Therapist In New York City

Dr. Jared Einhorn, NYC Physical Therapist


Dr. Jared Einhorn

Dr. Jared Einhorn, PT, DPT, received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and his Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in biology from Quinnipiac University. Growing up in a healthcare-dominated family helped Jared understand the importance of forming lasting connections with all patients. As a result, Jared takes pride in a one-on-one, individualized approach with each patient to ensure the best short and long-term outcomes.

Jared holds a large interest in treating various musculoskeletal injuries utilizing evidence-based practice in the pediatric, recreational athlete/weekend warrior, and geriatric populations. Jared currently holds his level 1 Mulligan Certification for the lower quadrant, a treatment theory for musculoskeletal injuries designed to improve pain-free range of motion through various hands-on mobilization techniques. In his spare time, Jared enjoys mixed martial arts, playing tennis and golf, hiking, and staying up to date on the current physical therapy news through various research articles & magazines.

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