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What are the best type of shoes to support your arches while walking?

What are some types of shoes that are best for supporting arches while walking?


MOTION CONTROL/ MAXIMUM SUPPORT (PRONATOR FOOT TYPE): If you have flat feet you overpronate (which means your arch collapses more than it should) and therefore you need motion control to prevent overpronation.  These shoes tend to be fairly stiff and will flex only near the flex where your toes bend. 

Mid Arch Flexibility: None.  These shoes have a medial post, a device in the middle of the midsole made up of dense material that is firmer than the remainder of the midsole that helps provide reinforcement to keep the arches of the foot from collapsing. 

Torsional flexibility: None.  These shoes cannot easily be twisted in the middle.

Heel Counter Flexibility: None. These shoes are rigid and cannot easily be compressed from side to side.   

Last: (The last is the bottom of the shoe onto which the shoe is built onto)  The last in a motion control shoe is generally straight (no curves in the sole of the shoe).


A few examples include:

Mizuno Wave Paradox 5  (Severe Overpronators)

ASICS GT-2000 8 (Over Pronators)



If you are a supinator and have a high arch, look for shoes without a medial post.  

Mid Arch Flexibility:  These shoes have softer, more flexible midsoles with more sole and cushioning than motion control shoes as this foot type doesn’t provide enough shock absorption on its own.  These shoes can be bent slightly more but are less flexible than neutral shoes. These shoes should have a lateral post on the outside of the shoe to provide stability.   

Torsional flexibility: Mid Range flexibility

These shoes can be slightly twisted in the middle.

Heel Counter Flexibility: Mid Range flexibility

Last: Straight or Semi Curved


A few examples include:

ASICS Women’s Gel Cumulus 21

Vionic Women's Amber




Mid Arch Flexibility:High flexibility

If you’re neutral, fortunately, with this type you distribute weight evenly across your feet so motion control and support is not critical as stability.  This shoe is the most soft, lightweight, and flexible shoe as it can bend and twist more in the middle of the shoe.

Torsional flexibility:High flexibility

These shoes can be slightly twisted in the middle.

Heel Counter Flexibility: High flexibility

Last: Semi Curved or Curved


ASICS GEL-Nimbus 22  

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6

Original Universal Sandal by Teva


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