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Love Your Feet Guide

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Love Your Feet Guide: Gotham Footcare: Podiatrists

Our feet provide us with a substantial amount of support, but how are we returning the favor? One of the most neglected body part is the feet. We tend to sacrifice their well being without even realizing it. Whether it's saying yes to those painful heels that compromise proper arch support or not taking a break between coats of nail polish, these choices can really affect the course of our feet health. Here are a few tips on how we can be more cognizant with our feet health.

Proper Fitted Shoes

Make sure you're wearing proper fitted shoes. You do not want to suffocate your feet with shoes that are too tight. This can cause a plethora of feet issues ranging from corns to bunions, not to mention discomfort. While you can benefit from a little wiggle room, you also do not want to up your shoe size. This may lead you to accommodate the way you walk in a dysfunctional way. The best practice in order to prevent any feet ailments is getting your feet measured for length and width with a brannock device. Keep in mind that shoe sizes vary from company to company, so trying them on in-store would help you get a better understanding of the fit. Last but not least, be sure to try on shoes at the end of the day when your feet are the most swollen. This can really gauge a proper fit.

Support your arch

While your feet take on a tremendous amount of pressure daily, you must make sure that you are providing your feet with the correct foundation. This means a foundation that supports your arch. Flip flops may feel like the more comfortable option, however, the flat surface will lead your feet to collapse. Not only does this create stress on the foot, but the rest of the body. There is a notion that heels are bad for your feet health, but when paired with the right height, you can do wonders for your arch. The recommended arch for a heel should never be more than 3/4 of an inch. Never go over 3 inches in height because it changes the biomechanics of how you walk. This leads to shorter strides, more pressure is placed on the balls of your feet which throws off your center of gravity putting unneeded and unnecessary stress on your knees and lower back.

Soak your feet

Soaking your feet will benefit you in a number of ways. It can help relax muscles and reduce pain. This also helps circulate blood in your feet. Not only do these soaks help with issues related to your feet, but it also reduces headaches and stress, which targets your overall health.

Skip that coat of nail polish this time around

While we love a good toe color, it's important to let our natural nails make an appearance every now and again. Though they are built tough as nails to protect our toes, it still needs a little bit of attention. When you don't give your nails the breathing room, they can begin to grow brittle and weak. A coat of nailpolish can mask an unhealthy nail, but you want it to be strong to avoid further nail issues.

Don't neglect your feet health. After all, they give you something to lean on. Make sure that you show your feet just as much appreciation as it is showing you by taking these baby steps. Loving your feet starts with the little things, and it's easy to incorporate it into your everyday schedule!

Ana Couto Gotham Footcare's very own Creative Director and Patient Relations Manager enjoys sharing the knowledge of everything involving "heels and footcare health" that she has learned along the years working with her husband, New York City's favorite podiatrist Dr. Miguel Cunha.

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