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Choosing A Shoe For Ice And Snow Conditions

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How to Choose a Shoe for Ice and Snow Conditions | Gotham Footcare: Podiatrists

As the winter season is closely approaching, you may be considering shoes that can withstand winter activities that involve ice and snow. A proper ice and snowshoe would help prevent slips and falls and keep your feet warm and dry. Whatever winter activity you wish to perform, there is a shoe that can keep you safe and comfortable.

What to Look for in Shoes for Walking on Ice

Traction: One of the most important characteristics when considering a shoe for walking on ice is a durable and stable slip-resistant rubber outsole that provides exceptional traction and grip. Shoes with advanced traction rubber outsoles, large lug treads, arctic grip technology, and carbide tip studs provide increased stability and traction to keep you from wobbling on icy pavements.

Insulation: Proper insulation is critically important to protect your feet from frostbite and keep your feet feeling comfortably warm and toasty. Check the temperature rating of your shoes and look for shoes lined with fleece, sheep wool, and Thinsulate for superior warmth and insulation.

Water-resistance and Waterproofing: Shoes that are waterproof or water-resistant are essential when walking on icy pavements as ice can melt and cause wetness inside shoes that may result in frostbite, irritation, and infections. The most breathable, durable, waterproofing material is Gore-Tex. Shoes that are made of 200G PrimaLoft Silver Eco insulation, neoprene, leather, PU, PVC, or rubber also offer protection against water.

Comfort: As with any shoe, comfort is a necessary consideration to properly protect and support your feet while reducing the risk of injury and pain in your feet and the rest of your body. A shoe that is made of thick faux fur lining for long lasting warmth, a wide toe box to accommodate your forefoot, and a compression-molded EVA midsole footbed with a deep-cushioned heel cup will provide your feet exceptional comfort, stability, and shock absorption especially if you are commuting or hiking.

Recommendations for Men:

Salomon X Ultra Winter CS Waterproof 2 Hiking Boot
Merrel Thermo Hiking Boot

Recommendations for Women:

Kodiak Snow Boot
Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

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