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Arthritis is an acute or chronic inflammation of a joint and its surrounding soft tissues. Dr. Miguel Cunha and the physicians at Gotham Footcare offer treatment for arthritis in the feet and ankles. Patients in need of treatment can visit the offices in Downtown and Midtown Manhattan, New York.

Foot Arthritis Q & A

How is arthritis in the foot treated? 

Treatment can depend on several factors including the type, location, and severity of arthritis. Treatment can include any of the following:

  • Oral and topical anti-inflammatory/ pain-relieving medications
  • Steroid or Regenerative Medicine Injections
  • Custom molded orthotics, custom-made shoes, strappings, and padding
  • An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)
  • A brace or a cane
  • Physical therapy modalities and exercises
  • Weight control or nutritional supplementation
  • Surgical treatment


If arthritis doesn't respond to any of the conservative treatments, surgery may be necessary. The choice of surgery is something that needs will be discussed between you and your doctor. It will depend on the type of arthritis, the impact of the disease on the joints, and the location of arthritis. Surgery for arthritis of the foot or ankle is performed using arthroscopic debridement, arthrodesis (or fusion of the joints), and arthroplasty (replacement of the affected joint).