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Downtown NYC Podiatrist Explains Smelly Feet To Women’s Website – 5/3/19

Help! My Feet Smell!

Dr. Cunha Breaks Down Embarrassing Foot Odor for PureWow

At one point or another, we’ve all taken off our shoes only to be assaulted by an odor so fierce that it can clear out an entire New York office. How is it possible that our feet can produce such a horrific scent? According to Manhattan Podiatrist Dr. Miguel Cunha, foot odor is primarily caused by a lack of ventilation in your shoes because the perspiration has nowhere to evaporate. “Though sweat itself doesn’t actually smell, the odor comes from normal skin bacteria breaking down the sweat in our feet and producing isovaleric acid, which causes the odor,” the leading NYC podiatrist tells PureWow, a news website focused health and beauty topics. Read the article in its entirety here.





Women’s Magazine Speaks With Dr. Cunha On Foot Care Secrets – May 2019

Happy Feet

Downtown Podiatrist Tells Martha Stewart Living How to Achieve Softer Skin and Chic Toenails

Following a long winter, it can be intimidating to ditch your boots for open-toed shoes. After all, there is nothing appealing about showing off discolored nails and cracked heels. In an interview with women’s magazine Martha Stewart Living, Dr. Cunha shares pro tips that will allow you to sport the latest summer fashions with confidence. One trick? Do a natural soak a few times a week. “Soak your feet in a mix of four parts water, one part apple-cider vinegar and three tablespoons Epsom salts for 20 minutes,” the leading NYC doctor shares. “The vinegar has acids that gently break down dead skin, plus antimicrobial properties to ward off athlete’s foot, funguses, and other bacteria.” Read the article in its entirety here.




Dr. Cunha Shares What to Look for in Platform Sandals With Health Magazine – 4/11/19

7 Cute and Comfy Platform Sandals That Have Amazing Reviews

NYC Podiatrist Discusses Best Platforms Sandals With Health Magazine

With summer approaching, it’s important to find comfortable sandals that won’t wreak havoc on your feet. Dr. Cunha especially likes a low-wedge platform for its shock-absorbing rubber sole and wider toe box. He spoke with Health Magazine about what consumers should look for in platform sandals. “Make sure the height difference between the front and back of the shoe is no more than ¾ of an inch. Anything greater will cause you to shift your body weight forward—leading to postural misalignment—which can negatively impact your gait and biomechanics, explained the Manhattan doctor. Read the article in its entirety here.




7 Ways to Treat Bunions (Without Surgery)

Lifestyle Site Interviews Dr. Cunha On Non-Surgical Ways To Treat Bunions – 4/8/19

7 Ways to Treat Bunions (Without Surgery)

Downtown Podiatrist Tells Reader’s Digest 7 Ways To Treat Bunions

A bunion is a biomechanical imbalance of the foot, where the first metatarsal bone is shifting out of alignment. If untreated this condition could worsen over time. In an interview with Reader’s Digest, a lifestyle publication, Dr. Cunha shared non-surgical ways to treat bunions. “Conservative treatment is directed at addressing symptoms,” explained the leading NYC podiatrist. “But once the bone shifts out of alignment, there’s nothing you can do to shift it back in other than surgery.” Read the article in its entirety here.




Dr. Cunha Identifies Best Sneakers For Those With Back Pain

Dr. Cunha Identifies Best Sneakers For Those With Back Pain – 3/25/19

Suffer from back pain? Experts say these are the best sneakers and shoes to get relief

Leading NYC-Based Podiatrist Tells Yahoo! Finance Which Shoes Are Best For Back Pain

Treating back pain requires a holistic approach, which extends to your shoe selection. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Dr. Cunha explains why shoes with specifically engineered foot beds and molded EVA midsoles are good options because they help support your foot, heel and arch, which helps support your ankles, knees and back. These will “help alleviate the impact of each step on the spine far greater than a shoe with a hard sole,” said the Manhattan podiatrist. Read the article in its entirety here.




New York City Podiatrist Talks to TODAY About National Foot Health Awareness Month – 3/22/19

Yellow nails, itchy toes, back pain: What you need to know about your feet Interviews Dr. Cunha About The Importance Of Foot Health

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month. In order to promote the importance of caring for your feet, Dr. Cunha spoke with about common foot health issues and when it’s time to see a podiatrist. “You shouldn’t have to live with pain, I think a lot of people just assume that ‘Oh I can live through this,’ or ‘It’s not an issue,’” the New York doctor said. “But it becomes more difficult when it goes from an acute issue to a chronic issue.” Read the article in its entirety here.




Dr. Cunha Recommends Best Walking Shoes For Women – 3/19/19

The best walking shoes and sneakers for women, according to these experts

Leading NYC Doctor Shares What To Look For In Sneakers

We have all experienced discomfort while out for a long walk. The perpetrator? It could be your shoes. Dr. Cunha explained to NBC’s BETTER, a lifestyle website focused on wellness, what you should look for in a new pair of walking shoes and how to break them in. “It is important to pick a shoe that offers as much durability and protection as possible without sacrificing comfort or flexibility,” said the Downtown NYC podiatrist. Read the article in its entirety here.




Manhattan Podiatrist Tackles Common Foot Injuries With Fitness Website – 3/19/19

Relief For Eight Common Foot Injuries

Dr. Cunha Shares Remedies For Common Foot Injuries With Map My Run

If you’re an athlete, there is a good chance that you’ve suffered from some kind of foot pain. It’s important not to ignore these symptoms because they could critically impact your fitness routine. Dr. Cunha spoke to Map My Run, a health and fitness website geared towards runners, about the leading causes of foot injuries and how to treat them. “Every time you bear weight and your foot flattens, the distance between the front of the foot and the heel increases. That causes the ligament to become taut and develop micro-tears,” explained the NYC doctor. Read the article in its entirety here.




Dr. Cunha Tells Yahoo! Finance How To Find The Best Rain Boots – 3/12/19

7 stylish (and comfy) rain boots that'll make you wish for stormy days

Downtown NYC Podiatrist Tells Yahoo! Finance How to Choose the Perfect Rain Boot

Rain boots are a must-have especially if you commute during the rainy season. The trick is finding a pair that are both stylish and comfortable. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Dr. Cunha discussed what you should look for in a rain boot. “Rain boots that have somewhat of a slight heel (less than 3/4 inch in relation to the front) are actually better for you than shoes that are completely flat because it takes the stress off the Achilles,” says the leading Manhattan podiatrist. “That can help with the alignment of your posture, ankles, knees and spine.” Read the article in its entirety here.




Leading NYC Podiatrist Talks Tea Tree Oil With Lifestyle Website

Leading NYC Podiatrist Talks Tea Tree Oil With Lifestyle Website – 3/9/19

Tea Tree Oil: Not So Good For Athlete's Foot, According to a Podiatrist

Dr. Cunha Shares Which Remedies Work For Those Suffering From Athlete’s Foot

Tea tree oil is used for a lot of thing and is even rumored to treat Athlete’s Foot. But, in an interview with lifestyle website POPSUGAR, Dr. Cunha explained that while it may be effective at reducing the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot, it’s not as effective as antifungal medications. In fact, it could take months to see progress. Read the article in its entirety here.




If You Have Flat Feet, These Are the Expert-Approved Brands For Running Shoes

Dr. Cunha Highlights Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet – 3/8/19

If You Have Flat Feet, These Are the Expert-Approved Brands For Running Shoes

NYC Podiatrist Tells POPSUGAR Which Running Shoes Are Best For Overpronators

It’s not uncommon for those with flat feet to suffer from foot pain – especially if they’re a hardcore runner. Dr. Cunha told POPSUGAR, a lifestyle news website, which running shoes are best for those with flat feet and what features to look out for. “The key is to find shoes with spacious and flexible toe boxes, firm midsoles, and rigid heel counters,” he explained. Read the article in its entirety here.




NYC Doctor Tells Health Magazine How To Make Heels Less Painful – 3/7/19

A Podiatrist Explains Exactly What Could Happen If You Go Barefoot in the Gym Locker Room 

6 Hacks That Make Wearing Heels Less Painful

Preventing heel pain starts with your shoes. While heels may pull together your outfit, they can exacerbate foot pain. In an interview with Health Magazine, Dr. Cunha shared tips on how to make heels less painful and the benefits of orthotics. “While there are a ton of products out there that can help alleviate heel pain, nothing quite competes with a custom, laser-scanned orthotic,” explained the Manhattan podiatrist. “These orthotics support your feet to help reduce biomechanical imbalances that may lead to plantar fasciitis and subsequent heel pain.” Read the article in its entirety here.




Dr. Cunha Shares Why You Should Never Walk Barefoot At The Gym – 3/5/19

A Podiatrist Explains Exactly What Could Happen If You Go Barefoot in the Gym Locker Room 

Downtown Manhattan Doctor Tells POPSUGAR To Avoid Walking Barefoot At The Gym

While most of us know the gym locker room floor is not the most sanitary of places, it doesn’t always stop us from walking barefoot in the locker room. Dr. Cunha spoke to POPSUGAR, a lifestyle news site, about the risks of walking barefoot at the gym. “Walking barefoot exposes our feet to bacterial and fungal organisms that can infect the skin and nails," the leading podiatrist said. "These organisms can lead to infections that change the appearance, smell, and comfort of the foot, such as athlete's foot or fungal nails." Read the article in its entirety here.




Lifestyle Site Asks Dr. Cunha About How Often You Should Replace Running Shoes – 3/4/19

This Is When You Need to Replace Your Running Shoes, According to 2 Experts 

NYC Podiatrist Tells POPSUGAR When To Replace Your Running Shoes

Good running shoes are designed to last for 300-400 miles, but that doesn’t always stop us from holding on to them for a little longer. In an interview with lifestyle news site POPSUGAR, Dr. Cunha explains why you need to replace your running shoes so often. "It doesn't matter if they still look new," the Manhattan Doctor said, "if the support has been worn out, you're at a much higher risk of injury." Read the article in its entirety here.




Fashion Site Interviews Dr. Cunha On Latest Flat Shoe Trends – 2/25/19

The 6 Flat Trends a Podiatrist Loves and Loathes 

Downtown NYC Podiatrist Reveals Best And Worst Flat Shoes

Flat shoes tend to be the go-to choice for commuters. After all, who wants to navigate the NYC streets in heels? But, just because they’re more manageable than heels, doesn’t mean they’re great for your feet. Dr. Cunha spoke to fashion website Who What Wear on the biggest flat trends – what to wear and what to avoid. "I recommend avoiding slide shoes that are completely flat, as they will contribute to pronation and collapse of the arch, which may contribute to plantar and posterior heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, and back pain,” explained the Manhattan doctor. Read the article in its entirety here.

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