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Welcome to Gotham Footcare - We specialize in highly personalized care using today’s cutting edge foot care treatments

Gotham Footcare is dedicated to providing the most exceptional, state-of-the-art medical and surgical foot care treatments available. Our philosophy is defined by providing a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan for every patient in a manner that is friendly, personal, and compassionate. To this end, we are committed to relieving your foot ailments effectively, efficiently, and comfortably.

About Us

At Gotham Footcare we passionately pursue the health and well-being of our patients by providing the most sophisticated diagnostic, therapeutic, health-promoting, and preventative practices, with unrelenting attention to the individual needs of each patient.
Our mission is to forgo a universal approach towards footcare. Instead we recognize the individual needs and desired outcomes of each patient while formulating an effective and personalized treatment plan.

We are committed to providing uncompromising excellence, both medically and surgically, in a safe, effective, and efficient manner utilizing our culture of compassionate care with exceptional service and state of the art technology.

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Common Foot Conditions  We Treat

From routine checkups, athletic or work-related injuries, to treatments and surgery, Gotham Footcare focuses on all of your foot and ankle care ailments, with all the services you need to maintain happy and healthy feet.  We diagnose and treat any and all conditions related to the skin, nerves, tendons, ligaments and bones of the foot. 

What sets Gotham Footcare apart from other podiatry offices is our dedication to providing you with the education you need to make well-informed decisions regarding your care.  We strive at recognizing your individual needs and desired outcomes, while formulating an effective and personalized treatment plan with the highest quality care available.   Regardless of what your foot and ankle trouble may be, our physicians will work tirelessly to help you feel better.

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