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What is the Graston Technique?

Plantar Fasciitis NYC Graston Technique SpecialistThe Graston Technique® (GT) therapy is a highly successful patented physical therapy technique utilized by our licensed physicians at Gotham Footcare, to treat all soft tissue conditions, whether they are acute, chronic, or post-surgical. The Graston Technique® is performed using a uniquely designed stainless steel instrument to apply targeted progressive pressure to the affected area to achieve the following:

Break up adhesions Eliminate pain and swelling Increase blood flow to promote the regeneration of healthy tissue Restore normal function and range of motion. Allow return to an active and healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy life again.

What are the most common conditions in the foot treated with Graston Technique®?


Nerve Pain

Plantar Fasciitis (Arch/ Heel Pain)

Plantar Fibromas

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Scar Reduction

Therapy Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tendinosis/ Tendinitis (Primarily Achilles and Posterior Tibial Tendons)

Does the Graston Technique® (GT) Hurt?

Graston Technique® is administered to your comfort and pain tolerance. At Gotham Footcare, your doctor will work with you to determine what is appropriate for your condition.

How often does it have to be done?

Graston Technique® is administered based on your physician’s assessment of your individual condition and expected goals. Most typically, this technique is performed 1-2x/ week with at least 72 hours in between treatments and can be utilized in conjunction with other physical therapy modalities.


Are there any situations where the Graston Technique® (GT) should not be used in?

In general, the Graston Technique® (GT) should not be used with any condition contraindicated for soft-tissue mobilization or the following conditions:

Certain types of Cancer

Certain types of Kidney Disorders

High blood pressure


Open wounds


Taking blood thinners Unhealed, complicated fractures.

Vascular Disorders

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